Value Added Services

We know that time is money, so we offer a range of innovative products tailored to the needs of today’s busy business owners. These include: direct deposit, ACH origination and Remote Deposit Capture with hands-on training and no hidden costs. 

Cash Management 
  • Recurring payments that are properly authorized will be automatically debited from the specified checking or savings accounts
  • Various methods are available depending on the volume of your payments
  • Provides the most efficient method of managing your cash flow
  • May be used for direct deposit of payroll

Remote Deposit Capture

Wouldn’t it be nice to deposit checks without ever stepping into a bank?

It’s now possible to electronically send hundreds of checks for processing in minutes right from your office with HNB Remote Deposit. Checks received during the business day are run through the scanner, which captures the check images and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) information, and transposes that information into the data entry fields. HNB Remote Deposit software then allows you to securely upload information and generate real-time reports in a detailed or summary view. All information is sent to the bank via a secure internet connection, and HNB Remote Deposit’s fraud detection system sends alerts for possible duplicate items. 

Night Depository

Deposits in locked or sealed bags can be placed in our night drop which is a vault. Deposits are gathered, checked and posted to your account under dual control the next business day.

Commerical Banker

Every business client is assigned a commercial banker. This way you will always know who to call when you have a question. If for some reason your banker does not know the answer, they can direct you to the person who holds the answer. You can consider your banker your first point of contact.

Cutoff Time

If you make a physical deposit prior to the end of a business day or make a mobile deposit by 4:00pm on a business day, the funds may be available the next morning. We offer this service to ensure you have access to your funds as soon as possible.

TELEBANK Call (800) 768-0858

Use your touch-tone phone to get balance information, transfer funds, keep track of outstanding checks & ATM transactions, double-check deposit amounts and much more.

Debit / ATM Cards

Use this handy card to get cash at ATMs and as a substitute for writing paper checks. Just present it at any merchant that accepts VISA. The purchase amount comes out of your checking account and is shown on your monthly statement.

Debit Card Control
Download our Card Control App and control your card with your mobile device, turn your card on or off, get real time alerts to stay informed when your card is used, Transactions controls allow your card to only work in specific locations, set spending limits for general use or specific thresholds by merchant types. 
Search for Hiawatha Card Control in the Apple Store or Google Play Store and start your debit card controls today!       

For 24/7 card support please call 833-699-0108


Other Items

Hiawatha National Bank can also help you with cashier’s checks, domestic and foreign wire transfers and notary services. 

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